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Edens Essentials 100% pure essential oils are highly concentrated botanical oils and are never adulterated. We source our ingredients by quality, not price, to ensure the best grade of aroma therapeutic use.


Essential Oils Food Grade Statement:

The following essential oils are considered Food Grade based on their listing in the Food Chemical Codex (FCC) and/or Gras (Generally Regarded as Safe) status with the FDA. Food Grade means they are suitable for use in cooking and flavoring applications.


Essential oils should never be ingested or taken orally undiluted.


To make some of the more costly oils affordable, we have blended them with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is a highly stable mixture of wax esters extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, Simmondsia chinensis. Due to the  chemical structure of jojoba oil, it does not oxidize easily or turn rancid (unlike other, less expensive oils) which  makes it an excellent choice for blending with our quality essential oils. 


Applications: Massage is one of the most common applications of essential oils. The essential oils are added at 1-3% into a carrier oil such as  jojoba, sweet almond, or olive oil. Essential oils are diluted into carrier oils or lotions and can be used as a daily part of your routine.  Adding essential oils to baths are another excellent way to enjoy their benefits, however, all of the oils should be diluted into a carrier oil (with the exception of lavender) before adding to the bath. Burners and diffusers are also a great way to enjoy the therapeutic properties of essential oils. Usually the oils are used undiluted for this purpose. Other methods utilized to experience the  properties of essential oils include room sprays, saunas, inhalations, compresses, perfumery, and many more.



Clove (Eugenia caryophyllata)

Clove Bud oil is derived from the buds of a cultivated evergreen tree. The flower buds are removed from the tree, dried and steam  distilled. Generally, small farmers do the distillation and then sell the oil to collection centers. This well established system has  provided a respectable living to a large number of small farmers in Indonesia. It has comforting, warming and stimulating properties  and a spicy sweet aroma. Clove is a powerful oil that should be well diluted for topical uses. Blends well with sweet orange, cedarwood and peppermint and is a grounding base note in blends.  

Possible Benefits: powerful antioxidant, anti bacterial, anti fungal, analgesic, antisceptic



Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) 

The grapefruit tree is large, with glossy leaves, white flowers, and large pale yellow fruit with pink flesh. It grows to about 30 feet  tall. The fruit is harvested for its juice and the peel is cold pressed for the essential oil, thereby minimizing waste. We sourced  Florida grown pink grapefruit oil for its sweeter aroma compared with yellow grapefruit. It has uplifting, cleansing and refreshing  properties and a fresh sweet citrus aroma. This top note oil blends well with lavender, cedarwood and ylang ylang. 

Possible Benefits: revives the mind, stimulates digestion, clears up congestion, positive effects on mood, energizes, invigorating, encourages imagination, encourages playfulness, overall sense of happiness



Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus) 

Eucalyptus oil is derived from the namesake tree that is a tall, evergreen that grows to over 250 feet tall. Farmers collect the leaves  that the tree sheds, and they are steam distilled. This well established system has provided a respectable living to a large number of  small farmers in China. It has cooling, refreshing and purifying properties and camphor like, woody aroma. This top note oil blends  well with lavender, lemon, and cedarwood.  

Possible Benefits: natural insect repellent, decongestant, relieves muscle aches and pains, shingles, purifies air, improved concentration, antibacterial


Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) 

Bulgarian lavender is known amongst aromatherapists and perfumers as the finest and most therapeutic of all lavenders. It is steam  distilled from the flowering tops and has a slightly different characteristic scent that is only found in lavender grown in the unique  climate and soil conditions in Bulgaria. One of the most versatile oils, it blends well with all other oils and is safe to use undiluted.  Its properties include balancing, soothing and calming, among many others.  

Possible Benefits: calming, mood, anxiety and depression, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, improved sleep, PMS pain and tension, headaches and migraines



 Lemon (Citrus limonum) 

The lemon tree is native to India but is now widely cultivated in California, Florida, and several other parts of the world. The oil is  cold pressed from the peel of the fruit that is cultivated using sustainable farming methods. Lemon oil has refreshing, cleansing and  tonifying properties and a fresh, citrus aroma. This top note oil blends well with lavender, rosemary and ylang ylang. 

Possible Benefits: stimulates immunity, nourishes creativity, uplifting and invigorating, encourages imagination, promotes a happy mood, relieves anxiety and depression, respiratory problems



 Orange (Citrus sinensis) 

Like other citrus oils, orange oil is cold pressed from the peel of the fruit. There are many varieties of orange trees grown all over the  world. We have chosen Citrus sinensis, or sweet orange, for its fresh and fruity aroma. This popular oil is refreshing and uplifting,  but also used for relaxing. Orange is a top note oil that blends well with lavender, ylang ylang and cinnamon leaf. 

Possible Benefits: settles digestive distress, invigorating, energizing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, encourages positive emotions



Peppermint (Mentha piperita) 

This perennial herb is steam distilled from the whole flowering herb. Ours is grown and distilled by farmers near the Himalayas in  northern India. The majority of peppermint oil is used in the flavor and toothpaste industries. It is a refreshing oil with energizing  and stimulating properties. This dominating top note has an herbally, menthol aroma with sweet undertones. It blends well with  rosemary, lavender, and tea tree. 

Possible Benefits: nausea, headache relief, bug repellant, clear sinuses, pain reliever, joint pain reliever, irritable bowel syndrome, energizing, cut cravings, ADHD, coughs



Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis) 

A native of the Mediterranean, Rosemary is an aromatic shrub in which the leaves and stems are steam distilled to produce the oil.  The primary active therapeutic component in rosemary is cineole which usually comprises 40-50% of the oil. It has stimulating,  clarifying and cleansing properties. This powerful middle note has a fresh camphoracous aroma and blends well with lavender,  cedar wood and tea tree. 

Possible Benefits: indigestion, digestive distress, detoxifying, revitalize thought, increased focus, promote relaxed, calm breathing



Non Food Grade


TeaTree (Melaleuca alternifolia) 

Tea Tree is a small tree or shrub native to Australia that has been used medicinally by Aborigines for thousands of years. It is  cultivated in large plantations and the oil is steam distilled from the leaves and stems. It has a wide variety of uses, as well as  cleansing, purifying and uplifting properties. This top note aroma is distinctly medicinal and camphoracous, and it blends well with  lavender, clove, and eucalyptus.  

Possible Benefits: acne, bacterial infections, chickenpox, cold sores, congestion, respiratory tract infections, earaches, fungal infections, halitosis, head lice, psoriasis, dry cuticles, insect bites, sores and sunburns, boils from staph infections

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